About eNova


Founded in April 2000, Enova Technology is a leading ASIC design engineering company focused on bringing innovative encryption security solutions to market. With its HQ in Hsin-Chu Science Park, Taiwan, Enova has extensive R&D Engineering capabilities both in the US and Taiwan, staffed by a skilled team of 30 highly qualified and experienced network security experts.

Enova's leading-edge hardware based encryption products address the increasing requirement for privacy and confidentiality, satisfying the growing demand for maximum security. While the technology is totally transparent to the end user and requires no user intervention, Enova's solution ensures real-time system performance is maintained with zero performance degradation. Enova's X-Wall Secure Product family ensures only authorized users are able to access protected information residing on client machines which guarantees maximum security and peace-of-mind for users in the event of system loss or theft.


Enova's goal is to become the long-term security partner and encryption technology supplier of choice, satisfying the needs of Corporations, Government Agencies, Consumers and security-conscious users worldwide. Enova serves those who demand absolute privacy and confidentiality of stored data and wish to secure vulnerable highly valuable credentials. Enova will continue to specialize in the research and development of advanced real-time cryptographic technology for various data storage and archiving applications.


Enova is convinced that secure data storage requires strong encryption to safeguard the absolute confidentiality and privacy of Data-at-Rest. Cryptography is a key element of any secure environment. Experts agree that hardware based solutions, which are dramatically more secure than alternative software solutions, will be silicon-driven at the physical layer.

The sensitive nature of confidential information is driving the need to secure data stored on all computer systems. Consumers using digital media products, and the related stored personal data, further demonstrate the need for encryption to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information. Security will become an essential driving force in the computer industry and a standard component in next generation PCs.


Enova's patented X-Wall ASIC family has been engineered to encrypt/decrypt the entire hard disk bit-by-bit including the Boot Sector, Operating System, Temp and Swap files. Encryption/decryption operations occur in real-time to ensure zero performance degradation and total transparency to the end user. Enova's encryption technology ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality, authentication and authorization using industry standard proven algorithms such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified DES (Data Encryption Standard), TDES (Triple DES) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Authentication and access to system data is controlled using the X-Wall Secure Key or alternative authentication devices such as Smartcard, Fingerprint, PIN/Password and USB token.

Enova's X-Wall technology is completely independent of, and compatible with, all Operating Systems and functions with all Ultra DMA (Ultra ATA) 33/66/100/133 compliant disk drives. Backwards-compatibility with older drive protocols ensures all users are able to benefit from Enova's solution. The performance optimized DES/TDES/AES hardware core engine performs all encryption and decryption operations while offering unprecedented throughput of 1.6Gbit/sec. As no software components or specialized device drivers are involved, processor cycle interrupts and memory overhead are completely eliminated.

Enova's solution is available in multiple form-factors. A line of high performance Secure Notebook PCs feature integrated X-Wall encryption chips while end users can retrofit deployed systems with X-Wall add-on modules such as PCI cards, removable drives and external USB 2.0 devices. X-Wall chips may also be integrated directly into sub-systems or onto PC motherboards by OEMs to capture the increasing numbers of customers who require secured machines with embedded encryption.

All Enova products offer the following essential benefits:

  • High speed, automatic and transparent encryption
  • Operating System independent, works with all OS, requires no drivers
  • Zero IT administration overhead burden once installed
  • Minimal user intervention required
  • Use Government certified encryption algorithms