Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS

The Magnus series On-line double conversion UPS with full-time Digital Signal Processor control technology is the perfect solution for mission critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance from a UPS.  Input power factor correction, high efficiency and parallel redundant capability provide a superior level of power quality for sensitive electronic equipment and computer loads.

  • Simple Parallel Installation
  • Full-time Digital Signal Processor Control
  • Programmable Frequency Converter
  • LCD/LED Mimic Panel
  • Smart ECO Mode
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Power Range and Runtime Scalability
  • Optional Hot Swappable Battery
  • Optional Dual Input Loops

Magnus Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS
Using our field proven Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with SMD techniques, the Magnus series UPS achieves high reliability and greater immunity from utility power problems.  The front display panel provides all major systems parameters and operational status of the UPS that include full diagnostics for simple, easy servicing. 
The Magnus series UPS uses a patented inverter control technology that allows it to achieve N+1 scalable redundant power without the use of additional components.  The Magnus parallel configuration also eliminates any single point of failure.

Simple Parallel Installation
To increase the power capacity or configuring a parallel redundant UPS system, up to 3 additional Magnus series UPS are simply interconnected using the CAN-bus RJ45 cables on the rear of the Magnus series UPS.

Programmable Frequency Converter
The Magnus series UPS may be used as a frequency converter.  Simple programming through the front LCD panel provides the convenience of 50 or 60Hz.

Intelligent Self-Diagnostics
The Magnus series UPS with DSP Control, systematically checks each component and displays the result using on the LCD display.  This feature allows service technicians the ability to pinpoint and repair the UPS very quickly.

High Input Power Factor and Low Current THD
The Magnus series UPS provides a ‘clean’ rectifier connection to the utility source.  It meets today’s industry standard for energy saving with low reflected harmonic pollution to the utility.  The Magnus series UPS achieves up to 0.99 Input Power Factor as well as <6% Input Current THD.

Energy-efficient UPS
The AC to AC efficiency of the Magnus series UPS may be up to 90% at 25% load and higher with larger loadings in normal VFI operation.  Using the ECO mode, an efficiency of up to 97% can be achieved.

Full-time Digital Signal Processor Control
The Magnus Full Time DSP control system ensures a pure Sine wave on the input and the output of the UPS.  The DSP control also provides the user with simple access to the UPS systems’ operational information via the front display panel. Sine ware is 2 words.

True Double Conversion On-line Technology
Power disturbances from the Utility are eliminated because the UPS regenerates the power to provide clean electricity.  The VFI (Voltage Frequency Independence) of the Magnus complies with the international EN62040-3 standards.

Dual Input Loops
The Magnus series UPS provides single input connections as standard.  Optional input terminal connections for the bypass and rectifier are available.  A three-phase input and single phase output option is also available.

LCD/LED Mimic Panel
A precise LCD/LED display provides real time status and parameter readings.  These include AC Input and Output Voltage, Frequency, Battery Voltage, Load Level, UPS temperature, etc.  A full size, user-friendly microprocessor based LCD display, provides advanced monitoring functions and simple operation.

Simple and Easy To Use
The LCD front panel provides direct access to the DSP controller.  Changes to the UPS operational modes and parameters such as output voltage settings, fine adjustments for frequency, bypass voltage settings as well as alarms status may be easily performed.

Silent Fan Control
The Magnus series UPS employs variable-speed, forced air cooling fans.  These fans will vary in speed according to the percentage of load.  This variable-speed control ensures a low audible noise level making the Magnus series UPS suitable for most environments including offices and hospitals.

Emergency Power Off
The Emergency Power Off enables users to remotely shutdown the UPS.

Smart ECO Mode
Energy Saving using ECO mode.

Power Range and Runtime Scalability
The Magnus series UPS provides an excellent return on your investment.  The system is fully modular and allows you to increase the overall power output, battery runtime, and redundancy as your needs and requirements grow.  The modular design eliminates any single point of failure.

Maintenance Manual Bypass
The Maintenance Bypass Switch ensures a continuous supply of power to the critical loads during service or periodical maintenance of the UPS.

Advanced Battery Discharge Management
The Magnus series UPS automatically manages the End-Discharge voltage of the internal batteries according to the load.  The ABDM function prevents the deep discharge of the batteries during a power failure.

Cold Start Function
The Magnus series UPS may be powered up without the presence of utility, providing AC power for immediate power requirements.

Matching Battery Cabinet
Add matching battery cabinets and extend the back up time up to several hours.

Communication Capability
The Magnus series UPS is shipped with monitoring and shutdown software.  The software allows the control and graceful shutdown when Utility Power fails

  • Remote testing of the major operating UPS functions.
  • Communicate via SNMP/WEB card.
  • Access UPS functions via the WEB.

Optional External Battery Charger
With its isolation conversion technology plus precision control, the optional charger can be installed in
Parallel operation for up to 4 units.  The specifications are as follows:

AC Input Range 160-280Vac, 45-65Hz
Maximum Power Output 1000W, continuously
Operation Mode Constant Voltage with Current Limitation
Maximum Parallel Units Up to 4 units
Protections Over-voltage, Against Output Short-Circuit & Isolated devices for Opposite Polarity Connection
Mounting Mounted on the rear of the UPS or the wall
Dimension (WxHxD, mm/inch) 166x282x86 / 6.6x11.1x3.4
Net Weight (Kgs/lbs) 3.2 / 7.1

Variety of Customer Options Slots
The Magnus series UPS also provides two additional Customer Options Communication slots in additional to the standard RS232. An internal 2nd RS232, USB, RS485, Dry Contact, or WEB/SNMP card provides isolated contacts for industrial and remote alarm applications. The RS232 will remain active, even with the additional cards installed.

Optional Hot Swappable battery
The Magnus series UPS allows users to easily replace the battery packs without interruption of the critical loads.


Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS

Technical Specifications

Model PRM 6000 T
 Voltage Window 160~280Vac
 Frequency 45 ~ 65 Hz
 Phase/Wire Single, Line + Neutral + Ground
 Power Factor Up to 0.99 at 100% Linear Load
 Current THD (100% linear load) <6%
 Voltage Window 120/200/208/220/230/240Vac Selectable
 Voltage Adjustment Nominal +1%, +2%, +3%, -1%, -2% or -3%
 Voltage Regulation ±2%
 Capacity 6000VA / 4200W
 Rated Power Factor 0.7 Lagging
 Wave Form Sine Wave, THD<3%(no load to full load)
 Frequency Stability ±0.2%(Free Running)
 Frequency Regulation ±1Hz; ±3Hz
 Transfer Time 0ms
 Crest Factor 3:1
 Efficiency(AC to AC, Normal) Up to 90%
 Efficiency(AC to AC, ECO)  Up to 95%
 Autonomy >=8 min.
 DC Start Yes
 Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free 
 Capacity 12V/7AH
 Quantity 20pcs
 Voltage 240Vdc
 Recharge Time 4 hours to 90%
 Status On LED + LCD Line Mode, Backup Mode, ECO Mode, Bypass Supply, Battery Low, Battery Bad/Disconnect, Overload, Transferring with interruption & UPS Fault. 
 Readings on LCD Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage, Battery Voltage & Inner Temperature.
Self-Diagnostics Upon Power-on, Front Panel Setting & Software Control, 24-hour routine checking
 Audible and Visual Line Failure, Battery Low, Transfer to Bypass, System Fault Conditions
 Overload(w/simulated thermal tripping I-T Curve) Inverter Supply: 105%~150% for 160 seconds ~ 2 cycles before switching bypass.
Bypass Supply: 105%~200% for 500 seconds ~8 cycles before stopping supply load.
 Short Circuit Switch off Immediately
 Overheat   AC Mode: Switch to Bypass
Backup Mode: Switch off the UPS
 Battery Low Alarm and Switch Off
 Noise Suppression Complies with EN62040-2
 Spike Suppression Complies with EN61000-4-5
Heat Dissipation
(At Full Linear Load)
< 615W
Leakage Current < 3mA at Full Load
WxDxH (mm/inch)
Input / Output Connection Hardwire
 External Battery Connection Plug-in & Play
Net Weight Standard Unit/Hot Swappable unit 120/146kgs
(265/322 lbs)
 Operating Temperature 0 to 40 C/ 32 to 104 F
 Temperature Warning The battery design life is based on a temperature of 25 C/77 F, Ambient temperature above this range will affect battery life
 Altitude 0~2000M/6600ft up to 40 C/104F, 3000M/9900ft up to 35 C/95 F
 Humidity 90% RH Maximum, Non-Condensing
 Noise <50dB(at 1 Meter/3.3ft)
 Interface Type Standard RS232 Interface
 Communication Slots 2nd RS232, USB, RS485, Relay Contact, SNMP/WEB Card, etc.
 Quality Assurance ISO9001 Certified
 Safety Standard EN62040-1-1, UL1778
 EMC Standard EN62040-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, FCC Class A
Marks cUL, UL

Specifications subject to change without prior notice


Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS

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Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS



Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS

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Parallel Redundancy On-Line UPS

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