About Rocstor

a 2009 division of Rocstor, offering Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) battery backup from 500VA to 40,000VA both in tower and rack mount versions.

Catering to a wide range of users, from the single computer user to the large enterprise consumer.

Rocstor is
excellence in storage technology
a leading provider of fast, high-capacity data storage and encryption security solutions.
Rocstor design, innovation, integration, in both standard and encrypted storage technology is the driving engine for major U.S. industries and governmental departments.

the solution for enhanced productivity & profit
Rocstor now offers the most extensive range of external desktop and portable hard drives available. Our 2009 design innovations are revolutionizing the way data should look.

Considered among the most reliable external hard drives in the market, Rocstor solutions are now available in variety of combinations and interfaces, from 160GB to 500GB pocket drives, 250 Gigabyte to 2 terabyte single desktop drives and 1TB to 8TB RAID drives with FireWire800 1393a, FireWire400 1394a (IEEEE) High Speed USB, eSATA and Gigabit Ethernet. These devices are the most versatile and user-friendly external hard drives available for the professional and consumer market under Mac and Windows operating systems.

Rocstor’s standard and secure encrypted enterprise solutions offer- an extensive range of desktop and rack-mounted RAID storage hardware- at the most competitive prices. Our product line features cutting edge technologies that are tested rigorously and proven for solid reliability.

proactive management
a leading data storage, data security and authentication solution provider, Rocstor was founded in 2000 by a team of highly experienced professional storage technology specialists. The principals and founders of Rocstor have been active and successful in technology industries for the past 24 years.
With outstanding customer service as our main objective, the Rocstor product family provides unequaled power, versatility, and dependability. Our inventory is sold through an expanding group of North American and international distributors and resellers.


a division of Rocstor, pioneering in the secure encryption of digital content in any standard digital format.

resolving security issues before they arise
as businesses become increasingly dependent on data security, the reliability and availability of your data infrastructure becomes critical to your business success. In today’s unsecured environment you simply cannot afford the embarrassment of data loss and downtime. That’s where the Rocsecure line of products can help. We take a considered approach to data secure technology and its key management solutions. We will partner with you to implement and deliver an effective, secure, mobile data solution that minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximizes your peace of mind.

leading the way
in encrypted data storage solutions. Our encrypted hardware-based solutions, featuring 192-bit Triple DES or AES-256 Real-Time hardware encryption with single or two factor authentications (password protection, key-token or high security FIPS L2 Smartcard), should satisfy the requirements of a home consumer, mandatory government requisition, or government and military environment with our military-grade construction devices to protect against unauthorized access and data corruption.

Data storage, security storage and now power storage: “STORING YOUR FUTURE”

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