Hitachi Global Storage Technologies was founded in 2003 and was formed as a result of the strategic combination of Hitachi and IBM's storage technology businesses.  The company's vision is to enable users to fully engage in the digital lifestyle by providing access to large amounts of storage capacity in formats suitable for the office, on the road and in the home.

Western Digital

Western Digital helps collect, manage and use digital information. We make hard drives like the one in your personal computer and in millions of others bearing the labels of the world's leading PC producers.

Western Digital recognizes how highly you value the personalized information you are creating, using and storing. WD will continue to do all to help you keep it safe and close at hand. This is WD only business.


Since its founding in 1938, SAMSUNG has maintained a mission statement that responds both to its own change, and to new developments in the world: "Economic contribution to the nation," "Priority to human resources," "Pursuit of rationalism." Each slogan represents significant moments in SAMSUNG's history, reflecting different stages of the company's growth from a domestic industrial leader into a global consumer electronics powerhouse.


Founded in 1998, Onnto is positioned as a leading provider of high-quality and cost-effective networking solutions for PC and Mac users. Core competencies in R&D and Production Management have lead to the production and marketing of a variety of high quality peripheral and storage solutions.


Founded in April 2000, Enova Technology is a leading ASIC design engineering company focused on bringing innovative encryption security solutions to market. Enova has extensive R&D Engineering capabilities both in the US and Taiwan

Enova's leading-edge hardware based encryption products address the increasing requirement for privacy and confidentiality, satisfying the growing demand for maximum security. While the technology is totally transparent to the end user and requires no user intervention, Enova's solution ensures real-time system performance is maintained with zero performance degradation.

Enova's X-Wall Secure Product family ensures only authorized users are able to access protected information residing on client machines which guarantees maximum security and peace-of-mind for users in the event of system loss or theft.


Maxtor is a storage industry leader. To strengthen and grow Maxtor leadership position by providing storage products across a range of market segments, including desktop computers, consumer electronics, midline and nearline storage systems and high-performance servers. Maxtor Corporation supplies innovative, leading-edge storage solutions to the world. Products include 3.5-inch ATA and SCSI hard disk drives.